Members shall be responsible for appropriate attire when using the Golf Course, Driving Range, or Clubhouse, and will be responsible for the attire of their children & guests.

Acceptable Attire
Unacceptable Attire
Golf Course &
Driving Range
Men’s Collared Shirts* 

Shorts (no cutoffs)

Ladies Golf Skirts
Slacks, Trousers, or Jeans

Women’s Blouses 
Men’s & Women’s Hats



Bare Midriff/Bare Backs

Tank Tops

Swimming Pool Attire

19th Hole
All Acceptable Golf Course Attire Same as Above
Dining Room
All Acceptable Golf Course Attire
(with the exception of Men’s Hats)
Coat & Tie, Women’s Dress Attire
Men’s Hats**
All Acceptable Golf Course Attire
Commonly Accepted Swim Wear 
with Appropriate Cover-ups
Pool Area
Commonly Accepted Swim Wear
All other Acceptable Attire
  *Sweaters & Sweatshirts are acceptable with collared shirt or turtleneck collar.
**Hats are acceptable during tournaments.